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Legal Troubles Plague Shasta Lake Veteran Outreach Center

By Nathan Solis, Record Searchlight


SHASTA LAKE, California – As an outreach center, Medicine for our Military in Shasta Lake serves as a community meeting space for veterans. “Medicine” loosely describes mentorship, charity work and medical marijuana provided by the center.

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Lawyer Fights Shasta County Marijuana Zoning Law

Record Searchlight


SHASTA LAKE, California – Several hundred medical marijuana plants were seized by law enforcement in June, but no citations have been issued. Now a Redding lawyer is seeking compensation for plants seized by the county.

More than 500 marijuana plants were seized by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department on June 3 from the non-profit collective Medicine for our Military in Shasta Lake, according to the Redding law offices of Berg and Associates.

Sheriff’s officers, along with Shasta County Code Enforcement, seized the plants because they violated a county ordinance restriction that outlaws all outdoor marijuana cultivation in Shasta County. Medicine for our Military assists Shasta County veterans with other resources besides medical marijuana, according to Donald “Blue” Mobley, who said that law enforcement seized all of his plants and didn’t issue any citations.

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Another Potential Outdoor Cultivation Ban in CA

Marijuana Business Daily


More than 300 people, mostly medical cannabis patients and growers, attended a meeting in Yuba County, California, as supervisors considered a ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation.

About 45 people spoke during the event in which supervisors considered three ordinances from other counties – Sacramento, Shasta and Fresno – that all ban outdoor grows in the wake of court rulings allowing them to impose severe restrictions on cannabis cultivation, according to the Appeal-Democrat.

Patients told county supervisors a ban on outdoor grows was a bad idea during a three-hour workshop, while others were in favor of the moratorium, saying they’ve seen their neighborhoods turned into a “war zone,” the newspaper said.

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LA Council Members: Deny Illegal Dispensaries Tax Certificates

Marijuana Business Daily


Two Los Angeles City Council members want local officials to stop issuing tax certificates to dispensaries banned under Proposition D, which allows just 135 MMJ centers to operate.

The city has issued about 945 tax certificates to companies that describe themselves as marijuana dispensaries, Councilwoman Nury Martinez said. The certificates are not a license to operate, rather they’re a way for the city to collect taxes.

Los Angeles collects about $3 million annually from dispensaries, most of which do not comply with Proposition D, she said.

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Bay Area Dispensary Beats Federal Forfeiture Case

By David Downs, East Bay Express


Chalk one up for medical cannabis in the Bay Area. A licensed, regulated San Francisco dispensary has successfully fended off federal efforts to shut it down and seize its leased property.According to the law offices of Henry J Wykowski and Associates, federal Judge Susan Illston issued an order  on Monday dismissing the US Government’s forfeiture case targeting the property occupied by San Francisco medicinal cannabis dispensary, Shambhala Healing Center.

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El Dorado Ordinance Fuels Outcry Over Pot-Growing Boom

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