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calibertypaclogoC.L.A. Political Action Committee is a sister organization to our 501-C-4.  Our organization is the primary sponsor of this Political Action Committee, and as such our state and local chapters serve as affiliates to the P.A.C.

All revenues generated by C.L.A. P.A.C. shall be allocated for use in local and state political campaigns according to the discretion of our membership. Only regions having representation through our local chapters’ membership base are eligible for local campaign funding requests from the P.A.C. Our State Chapter, through its Board of Officers, may request campaign funding in support or opposition to state political campaigns. Additionally, the State Chapter may request funds on behalf of local regions in California, wherever there is no current Local Chapter to represent them, in support or opposition to local political campaigns.

Our State Chapter currently opposes Proposition 64 The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (A.U.M.A.), and has requested P.A.C. funding in support of this cause. Our current efforts include promoting a temporary alliance with the League of California Cities, in order to successfully promote the reasons why patients, farmers and small business owners oppose Prop. 64, in every city and county in California, in a short amount of time. With luck, they will agree, and our banners and signs will be ready to display everywhere in time for the upcoming election. Here’s the first one…

To download a yard sign, click here.

Learn more at http://calibertypac.org.

No on 64 Banner

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