Chapter Building

As a membership based 501-C-4, California Liberty Alliance is tasked with developing local chapters throughout the state. These local chapters play a key role in the state-wide operations of C.L.A., on three separate fronts.

First, 70% of the funds generated by every local chapter stays in that chapter’s bank account, to be used on local endeavors.

Second, because C.L.A. is a sponsor C.L.A. Political Action Committee, every local chapter serves as an intermediary unit of the P.A.C. This means that our local chapters are responsible for raising revenues for and requesting funds from our P.A.C. for use in local campaigns.

Third, every local chapter and its membership participate in electing the Membership Advisory Board of our state chapter. By increasing the number of local chapters throughout California, our Membership Advisory Board will adequately reflect the varied interests of the cannabis industry.

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