Our Board Members


William D. Follett IV

I was born second to the oldest of six children in rural Montana over 50 years ago. Growing up in a rural environment I learned the value of hard work, and wholesome American values. Most important I learned that freedom was a value expressly ensconced in our constitution and not available for disintegration.

My adult work experiences include sales, marketing, management and entrepreneurial endeavors. I started my first company at age 24 related to technology. The majority of my adult career activity was computer equipment, telecommunications sales and management.   I also practiced real estate investments and real estate brokering. Over all these years of sales and management it was clear to me that a constant lobbying of government was a requirement for keeping the free access to industry alive and well. There wasn’t one year where activity with the Chamber of Commerce or The Real Estate Board wasn’t required to protect the free flow of business. Strange that in a land of liberty and freedom a constant vigilance is required to maintain the right to conduct business.

A few years ago advancements in technology and the real estate crash of 2008 concluded my careers in both of those fields. I choose to move to California and work in the Medical Cannabis Industry. Since day one in the market I saw that the Medical Cannabis Industry had no real political voice for the advancement of our industry. Those that support 215 are constantly under attack from local municipalities, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Yet the organizations that say they support the right to Medical Cannabis do nothing to influence the local governmental agencies to create pro cannabis policies.

My creation of California Liberty Alliance is a focus on the local market place to support the right to Medical Cannabis. With a bottom up, grass roots approach to creating a Safe and Legal environment for Patients, Cultivators, Dispensaries, and all associated industries. All politics are local, and those willing to stand for their right to medication that works for them should have a voice in the governmental market place.

I stand for everyone’s right to Safe and Legal Access no matter your location in the State of California. Please join me in creating a future where the choice of medicine is not persecuted by those that seek to limit our rights and freedoms as Americans. Its up to us to create a future that works for everyone. Join me in this great adventure.

William Follett



Jason Browne

I became active in the cannabis movement in 1995, as a volunteer with Cannabis Action Network. While there, I gathered signatures for prop. 215, registered voters and promoted its passage by co-producing concerts and events. When the Compassionate Use Act was made law, I helped organize what would become Humboldt Cannabis Center, serving north-coast patients for five years. I’ve also co-founded several organizations dedicated to the implementation of California’s medicinal cannabis laws, including Medical Cannabis Association and Patients’ Health Defense. The M.C.A. is still in operation. Since the voluntary closure of H.C.C. in 2001, I have participated in the direct access model of cannabis cultivation, along with other qualified individuals, and have acquired much experience as a lawful cannabis farmer.

I am currently an Owner of Full Circle Cannabis Consultations. Our primary service is in providing expert testimony to the Courts, in cannabis related criminal and civil cases. We also produce educational products for the cannabis industry. And we team up with attorneys to offer very thorough formation services for individuals wanting to start their own organization or business within the cannabis industry, or who just want to bring their current operations into better compliance. This service includes customized operations and compliance binders, corporate formation assistance, trademark applications and third-party compliance consultations.

I’m taking on new responsibilities in 2014 by serving as an Executive Director of California Liberty Alliance (a 501-C-4), and as an Officer of Full Circle California P.A.C. These organizations operate independently, but are designed to work together in order to fulfill each other’s’ purposes. C.L.A. is currently engaged in Local Chapter building throughout California, while the P.A.C. is researching local and state ballot options for the 2015 – 2016 election cycles.

If you would like more information about California Liberty Alliance, Full Circle California P.A.C. or you wish to retain F.C.C.C., contact me at your convenience. You can also find more information on our websites.

In Peace and Cooperation,

Jason Browne








Larry Clarke

I was born in Southern California and attended Private Schools throughout my youth. Early in life, when friends and I were not knowledgeable about the negative effects, I was introduced to drugs, and I paid the price. For that reason, it is important to me to grow and process the highest and cleanest grade of Cannabis.

I am retired now, but have extensive experience in Inside Sales and Nursing. A born-and-bred California Boy, I have also been the Drummer for a Rock & Roll band.

In 2003, my wife Kathy and I moved to Shasta County, where we live with two Labrador Retrievers and a Dalmation.

Larry Clarke